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Quick Question

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Hi All

Can I rub Brisket & St Louis Ribs wraped in saran/plastic wrap for how long. The brisket is 6.62 lbs, ribs total 6.5 lbs.

I'd like to rub & wrap today, stick them in the  fridge, until I'm ready to smoke them maybe 1 or 2 days don't know for sure when I will smoking them. Just like to have then  READY to go.


Thanks Dan

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I think 1 or 2 days would be just fine. As long as they stay cold, below 38*. I have done it for 2 days before with beef. In fact I'm going to rub a Brisket and 2 Butts this afternoon to be smoked on Saturday.

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2 days will be fine.

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Hi All Just unpacked my brisket and rubbed it.I'm not to crazy about the way the end of this brisket looks,kinda fiberous looking to me.

What do you guys/girls think?.

Thanks DanB


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Thanks DanB


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Last pic weight 6.62 lbs.

Thanks DanB



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I had one like that and it was tough as the devil.  Maybe be careful with it and take your time.

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I am with AL on this one - maybe peel back a little of the fatcap and see if it is that way past that seam. If not you can cut it at the seam and treat it like you would for burnt ends 

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The last brisket I did was like that on the flat.  I was able to soften it up some, but it was pretty dry.  I assume that was due to lack of fat cap over the flat.  


If you were to drape some really fatty bacon over the exposed meat portions, do you think it would percolate into the meat as it renders?  I've wondered about that for a while now.  

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I just rubbed one down also and the same place on mine was like that and it was brown, almost looked like it had been cooked but it was less than an eighth inch into it. I just trimmed it off and it was nice and red underneath.


Looking good Dan! You figure out when you are cooking it yet?

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HI All

Got up at 4:45AM brisket was on at 5:00, it is now 5:50 and the brisket temp is already up too 135.Starting meat temp was 65, smoker temp up too 217.

Getting to 135 after just 50 minutes seems kinda fast.NO?. Going to repostion the meat probe when the smoker temp gets above 250.

I'm going to foiled at 165 till 200, then into the cooler.I hope I have enough smoking time to eat IT today.drool.gif


Thanks DanB

PS:Also have 2 racks of St Louis Ribs to put on.

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Why are you going to let the smoker temp get above 250*? I would keep it down around 225*.

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OK will try and keep the temp at 225..It's hard the temps are all over the place, mostly on the high side, and ALL I have to regulate the temps is high/med/low dial/..


When it get high I have either open the side door or the dome.


Thanks Dan

After 6 hrs the brisket is in the foil.The ribs are unfoiled after 3 hrs looking for more pulback before foiling.

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Brisket dry but tender..Ribs tatse ok but very greasy..Next time  BB's for sure, I'm done with the St Louis ribs..The B B's cook much faster and are not as greasy.

I think with the brisket, I covered the foiled brisket in towels place in a cooler,BUT  didn't lay IT in the cooler flat,more like standing on it's edge, sooo the juices probably ran to the bottom.

Oh well live and learn.


Thanks Dan



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HI All Good news is, cold brisket is really good!!! I've  been snacking on IT while watching TV, every 5 minutes I'm back at the fidge getting another slice..

Just wish IT came out moist , oh well another try..One of these days I get it right. Next t ime might try IT in a pan.



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The problem is that to much fat was trimmed off... you want AT LEAST a 1/4" of fat across the whole thing... I see the flats in the grocery where they trim ALL the fat off... not good... if you do another one and it has no fat... go to the butcher and see if you can get some fat they have trimmed off ... if you do get some then place it on a rack right above the brisket so it will drip down on it.... or just inject it with beef broth
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07: Got an injector for next time, if this does not work, I'm thru with briskets..drool.gif



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