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Time adjustment for multiple smoked turkeys?

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My smokehouse is 3' W x 3' D x 6' - 7' H, outside dimentions, 6" less inside.

I have only smoked one turkey so far and it came out very good, it took a total of about 15 hours at a low and slow heat,

I would now like to smoke 2, 3 or even 4, 10 pound turkeys at the same time.  They would be placed in stockinettes with plenty of room between them at the same temperatures I used last time, one hour at 130° with no smoke, an additional 5 hours with heavy smoke, 4 more hours at 140°, and finally at 165° until the internal tempeature reaches 160°.

My very unprofessional theory is that the heat it there, the smoke is there, I am there, so why should it take longer fro several turkeys verses just one if they are not crowned together.  I am wrong so many time (according to my wife of 53 years) that I just assume I must be wrong again this time, my theory sounds too simple, but I do expect it to take a little longer, but not twice as long..

Has anyone any advice, or experience with smoking several turkeys at the same time?  Your experiounce, or opinions would be greatly appreciated,



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I've done 10 at a time in my Bubba grill. It's a 250 reverse flow. I smoke mine at 230 and make sure they are not touching each other. I cooke them to 165 and they turn out great. Only big difference is the volume.  Some will probably be done before others. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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Im going out on a limb here, BUTTT


Since were dealing with more than 1 turkey, the heat is being absorbed (shared) by all the surrounding meat and not just 1 turkey.  So, not as much heat moving through the smoker.


Sounds stupid I know, but thats what I have  been told in the past. I may be way off track as well hahahahah


War Eagle





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Frank , I do full Smoker cooks a lot...


Betty 012.JPG


I love the way it holds the heat better and acts like a heat sink (bricks or other ballast) and evens out the spikes when they occur. This is how I like to see my Butt , the bone just falls out. See the juice , no spritzing , no mopping nothing , just LOVE and the patience to leave it alone...


I feel that the more I have in my smoker , the better the outcome . Just sayin'........


Have fun and ...

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I've only done one turkey so far, but aren't those smoking temps and times pretty low for poultry, unless you have cured them?

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