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Turkey Pastrami Question

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I am wanting to try a turkey pastrami, I did a beef pastrami awhile back (basically followed SmokinAl's recipe) and it came out really good. I want to wet cure it and am wondering if I should do it just like beef pastrami or should I do anything different. The beef I did was brined/cured with cure#1, salt, brown sugar and various other spices. I injected it then put in big ziplock bag and filled with brine solution. I left it in the fridge for 10 days turning it everyday. Should I use the cure#1? Should I let it soak for 10 days?

I searched the forum for turkey pastrami but didn't find much detail about wet cures.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.




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Anyone have any ideas?

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Evening S2K9K, I haven't done it but Cowgirl has it on her site "Cowgirls Country LIfe". I've used some of her other recipes and they came out great! Good Luck!

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Thanks Bob! I checked it out and she does everything "dry cured" and didn't mention using a "cure" on turkey, so I am now wondering what cure#1 will do to turkey and if I should attempt it.

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I would follow SmokenAl's recipe.  But cut the time in the wet brine/cure down to a day or 2 but no longer. I don't think that poultry will need that long to take the cure.  Turkey is a pretty delicate meat.  


Good luck.. lets see some Qview..

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Any other ideas about turkey pastrami out there?

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