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If i do fail.. I will be the one eating it. Next will be chicken.. Wife first wanted a prime rib. I will do the rump over a $60.00 prime rib. I am kind of taking my time. I am getting as much information as possiable from people that have done it. My second meat probe is a Maverick Redi.Chek remote. I will be watching it pretty close. I will take pics and post. Al

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Leave your vents open. You can spray if you wish but not needed since you are not smoking all that long. Water in the pan is optional, I don't bother, it does help with recovery if you have to go in frequently. I have found that Potatoes will probably take longer than the meat, so I suggest you partially cook them then pop them in to flavor up when the meat hits 90*F. I would make other veg during the rest with a different method, too much smoked stuff is monotonous. One recipe I would not pass on is Au Jus or Gravy! This one is very popular around here...JJ


Smokey Au Jus


1- Lg Onion,

4-5 Carrots,

3-4 Ribs Celery

3-4 Peeled Cloves of Garlic

Toss them in a pan under the Beef, and let the whole deal Smoke for one hour,

THEN add 4-6 Cups Beef Broth,

2 Tbs Tomato Paste,

1/2tsp Dry Thyme (4-5 sprigs Fresh)

1-2 ea Bayleaf

Finish the Smoking process to the IT you want.

While the Roast is resting, dump the pan juices veggies and all into a 2-3Qt Sauce pot and add 1Cup Red Wine, something you like to drink, and bring the Jus to a boil, lower the heat and simmer 20-30 minutes. Strain out the veggies and let the Jus rest a minute or so for the Fat to rise. Skim off the bulk of the fat then using strips of paper towel laid on top of the Jus then quickly removed, take off the last little bit of fat.

The purpose of Smoking the Vegetable for 1 hour before adding the Broth and Herbs is...The Smoked vegetables Roast in the Dry heat concentrating their Flavors and Sweetness giving the finished Jus a Richer, Deeper, Full Flavor.

Serve the sliced Beef Au Jus or thicken the Jus to make Gravy.


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You'll do OK. Your plan sounds good and you are watching the details. There are just some things that taste far better smoked than you can get any where else. I consider beef roasts one of them.

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It is in the smoker right now. The temp droped to 233. Still working back up to the 250. I have two probes in. The MES one says it is 42, and the Maverick one says it is 59. One load of chips in, and vent is wide open.. I will post later as to how it is going.. Al

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I do have a question though.. I soaked the chips over night. Most of them were on the bottom of the pail. I put them in that little slide deal, and put in a load. After about 2 minutes.. They were on fire. Should this be happening??

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Well. It is done. I went back to the meat market, and got a near 4Lb rump. Did all I said I had to do. I had the temp at 250. Two probes. Didn't really belive the Maverick one. Stuck it in at 10:15AM. It got to 145 by 12:55. It is wraped in foil. I did cut into it when the Maverick got to 135. It was way to rare in there. I let it go untill the temp showed 140 on the remote of the MES probe. Now a real nice medium inside.

Now how do I reheat it??

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Westgate. A trick used at Restaurants is to have hot Au Jus and place it in the liquid and let it set a bit , however anytime you he-heat anything you are continuing the cooking process again , Rare will come out Med. , so on... FYI biggrin.gif


Have fun and...........

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I put Johnnys mix in with the water pan under the meat.
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