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Pork Sirloin Times?

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My wife grabbed some Sirloins instead of Butts at the store earlier. I'm going back to get a Butt and going ahead and smoking one of the Loins but I was curious if anyone has a time frame I'm looking at for a 225 smoke? Saturday I have a lot of people coming over so I'm doing a Butt, Sirloin and 2 whole chickens.


My Butts usually take about 8 hours, chickens 6 if whole and a little over 4 if spatchcocked.



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From what I've learned here, usually figure about 1.5-2 hrs per pound for the butts. Is the other pork sirloin or pork loin-there is a difference-and is it a whole piece or chops? The loin is what we make Canadian Bacon out of and is super lean. 

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The sirloin is a much leaner cut, although in many ways a superior cut.  Don't plan on pulling it.  I would pull it at 135 to 140 Inernal Temp and slice.


It is a wonderful cut.  Makes great Canadian bacon, chops or roasts.  Just not a candidate for pulling.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yes sorry they are both Sirloins. I'm trying to get a worse case time frame on having everything done by 2pm. Planning on starting the butts at 4am. Everything but the chickens are around  5lbs.

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