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need help to finish modifying my cbss

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I have finally gotten all my parts together for my mods and I'm about ready for final reassembly. I noticed that the plates of steel(new) I had for a deflector and baffles would not really rust on the outside but where I drilled holes the holes would rust when they got wet. I asked my uncle who is a metal fabricator and who made the plates for me about it and he said the outside is covered with scale. Do you take a wire brush on a drill and clean them up or use them like they are. I was trying to find out about it with a web search. I came up with a chromium oxide coating but not sure if that is what this is. I know zinc and galvanizing are not good in a smoker and I don't want to have anything bad on my food that I'm feeding to others.


Please help!!!! I'm about to run out of smoked meat and go into withdrawels!icon_lol.gif

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i would sand them with a wire brush or sand doesn't really matter as long as you get to bare metal. as for rust, as long as they are greasy they won't rust.

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That was kinda what I was thinking also. Thanks for the confirmation. Hopefully I'll have it back together and reseasoned by Saturday.

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Offset, here's a little hint to keep the Smoker from rusting. I found a "SOP-MOP" (looks like a little floor mop, everytime I heat my Smoker, I wipe the outside down with a light oil. Soon you will see a gunmetal like finish starting and no rust anywhere.Betty 002.JPG


To clean the inside , I use my new Grassburner and open everything up let her burn and brush off with a little broom and some rags(it all don't char).


Have fun and...



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It took me over an hour just to sand one plate. I borrowed my uncles grinder and things went much quicker I got it back together, seasoned it on Saturday, and smoked some ribs on Sunday(that's a story in itself). Hope to have some pics up soon.

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Nice rig.


I will have to start spraying the outside of mine it with vegetable oil, it sounds like you're getting good results.

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