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I use the pre-loaded 19mm sheep casings from Syracuse Casings and they work well; sometimes they fold over each other as you're loading them and you have to pull some off and re-load, but not that often.  Again, plenty of water!   To find the end of the casing, use a drop of vegetable oil on it and it will be easier to pull it apart if you have to load your own manually.

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Not hard to use if you dont have any back pressure in the tube and the end of the casing is not tied. Crank the meat just to the end of the tube and the sheep will slide right on then tie the end.

This is the best way I have found also.

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Great advice Casino!

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So it is not just me. Yah they tangle REAL easy, found that out the hard way. That was my experience too, let them soak awhile and them fill them with water when you flush and it stretches them a bit. I also use a trick I saw on a thread here where you let the sausage stick out past the tube a bit and it helps guide the casing on, worked good. and water cant have too much water.

LOL first time I used salted casings I was running lots of water, I had the plug out of the sink and next thing y"know as I fill the tube with water its all disappearing down the plug Hole!


Was it wrong to hoist it back up and just keep rinsing? Or am I just "economical"  biggrin.gif


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