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BEESR Chicken..

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A 5.5 lb bird with a simple rub of Canola Oil and Montreal Chicken Seasoning. I used Pecan pellets with this one.
I kept it on 15 for the entire cook and lifted the lid 45 minutes into the cook as someone suggested in another forum. With the wind and falling temps, I closed the lid again and waited for it to finish cooking. Total time was 1.75hrs.
I lifted the lid a few times fiddling around with the temp probes. I used two, the factory Char Broil one and the Maverick ET-732. I had a 20 degree difference in temps for the entire cook.
I pullled it when the Maverick hit 162.

I was very impressed with how this came out.

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Pretty color and the Skin looks great!...JJ

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Nice healthy, delicious meal you got there.  Thanks for the Qview!

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Thanks guys. This little toy is super simple to use and it really came out great. Quick and easy meal for the two of us.

As soon as Todd get the Peach Pellets in, I'm going to order and use them!

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Is that a smoker or is that one of them charbroil infared cookers? If so where do you put the pellets in them?

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I am also interested in that unit. It might be a great answer for my motorhome. The one I am using right now is not getting hot enough  

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Looks fantastic! And what is that little unit there...I like that!

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

Is that a smoker or is that one of them charbroil infared cookers? If so where do you put the pellets in them?

Terry, it's an Infared cooker and the pellets or wood chips load in the front compartment. The handle directly above the controls.

It also has a self cleaning option. Nice.


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Nicely done!!!  Cooker is news to me also, but interesting.

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Thanks Sam - I finally did find it on the internet and want to go look at one up close. Trying to find their dealers 

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Where did you get a chicken that still had the neck attached? Looks great!

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I'll bet he got it fresh and cleaned it himself.....


Necks is good, the closer to the bone the sweeter the meatbanana_smiley.gif

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