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Ukranian salo (lardo).

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Got some nice fatback pieces. Here its transforming into ukranian style lardo originally pronounced s-A-l-o. 3lb brick cut into 4 pieces. 2 pieces dry cured with salt, pepper and different spices. The other 2 pieces in brine of similar cocktail. 7 days in fridge. Washed, dried. Will cold smoke for 24 hours (possible 36) with AMNPS loaded with oak first 12 and pitmaster mix the rest of the time.






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First of all Welcome to SMF! What do you do with it when it's done?

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Very nice!
Pastured pork is the way to go!
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For ukranian salo is the most important part of the pig. There are plenty of jokes and stories about huge salo addiction among ukranian people. Usually they cut it about 5mm thick square pieces and consume with fresh black or rye bread and some young garlic or scallion. Cold vodka (which they call "gorilka") makes it so much better. You can also slice it paper thin and place it on a hot toasted bread and it will melt right there as you eat it.




Simple and proper way to consume it



Or this


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Very nice! No Cigar?

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To add to experience instead of cigar go for authentic way to finish good meal in ukranian village circa 1982.



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Nice! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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Finished product after 17 hours of smoking.


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Looks good AHAKOHDA.......... Its cool to see  food my ansestors ate, Me being a half breed ukrainian hense the name "Boyko"....  Great job on the Salo



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САЛО!!! m-m-m!

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