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Finally going to do my first BBB

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Been wanting to do my own BBB for some time. Read alot on the forums here. Asked alot of questions (Thanks Pops). So Its 20 MPH winds with gusts up to 40, but its today or not so I'm going for it.


Here's what I have. The front is only CBP, clockwise from that is pure maple, next is onion & garlic powder, last is brown sugar.




Smoker gettin going




Back soon!!

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You're gonna love it!
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WOW this stuff smokes as fast as my roast beef did? 1 hour in & we're at 113? I used the thermapen as a back up & it says 111. Pretty fast for 1 hour in 20-40 MPH wind?





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well I guess the fast rise is slowing which is good because I was starting to wonder about the meat taking on any color. It's been 2 hours now & we're at 130 & taking on some color. Hard to tell how the smoke is going because of the wind, but I can smell it well so I'll leave it be.





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Looks good Terry! I just finished 20 lbs for my freezer. Gotta love BBB!

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Nice BBB


and your smoking some bread to.



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Well the three smaller pieces are done. The larger one is at 144? The wind has eaten through my lump so fast! In 5 hours I have went through a bag & 1/2. The larger one is in the oven as I'm out of fuel. Taking it out at 150 so not much longer. Here are the smaller three. Sorry Nepa no pics of the bread.



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It looks yummy Terry

is the bread for the prob or for the juice of the roast

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So I & the meat had an overnight rest. In between jobs right now so I couldn't wait to slice a little. Not bad forafirst round. Not salty at all. In fact I add a little when frying. Alos needs more smoke, but I'm happy for now. Africanmeat, that was for the probe.





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Nice and lean! That is good looking BBB! Thanks for sharing.

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Looks good!
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Hey Terry congrats on your first BBB 

Looks good 

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Looks good from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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MMMmmmm looks delicious!

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Great looking BBB!

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Thanks guys!!


It was very lean which was a suprise. I think next time I will add more seasoning to the brine. Sure was fun!!!

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Congrats! I always see you comment that you want to try bacon. Glad you jumped on the bacon wagon. Now you'll be addicted.
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That some good looking BBB drool.gif
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Your pictures changed my life.

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