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R.F. cabnet smoker

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Great start Hotdog, I'm looking forward to some more info and pic's.
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I was going to type what was going on in each picture but couldn't figure out how to add text under each picture.....LOL

so Ill explain here...

Sheetmetal and frame are 16 gauge, you can see I added 1/8 inch plate to the firebox area. In the picture of the side, you can see I put white tape ( just to show up better) on the slight angle of the heat duct that carries the heat up the wall and out the top. I wanted this angle to kinda force the heat into a circular motion from heat directors mounted on the inside top. Im after a circular motion inside the cabinet.......may not work. One shot is of the door frame and insulation. I test fired it up yesterday and it drafted just fine...whewww... Im now going to unassemble it and paint between the 2 walls and insulate it and wield it up and finish the top.


Thanks for looking..... Hotdog

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Very nice ..

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That's one sweet smoker I want a backwoods so bad . How much do you have in it?
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Ill have maybe 650 bucks in it. the handles alone cost 90 bucks. I can see now why Pitmaker and backwoods get 2 to 3 grand for a cooker. I have Tons of time in this thing. just guessing around 125 hours, takes longer when one doesn't know what hes

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