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Sirloin tip to roast beef

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Had to give my new slicer a work out so I thought why not roast beef. I happened to check the deli price of 11.99 a LB? the raost was on sale for 2.99 a LB so I got 3 LBS for 10.00.


Fresh & ready


roast 3.JPG


A little Montreal Seasoning


roast 2.JPG


A little JU under the roast


roast 1.JPG


Be back soon with more. My WSM got out of hand at 325 so I'm working her back down


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So here we are at the 2 hour mark. I just now probed it. Its already reading 130? awfully fast? Looks alot pink & completely not firm, but I know my probes are right? I'm taking it to 140  & letting it coast to 145 just to be safe. I think I'll thermapen it as well just to be safe!


roast 6.JPG


rosat 4.JPG

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fresh out of the foil & going into the frige overnight



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They do tend to get to temp pretty quick... Looking great..... Ohhhhh.... that new slicer is



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Can't wait to see that bad boy all sliced up ! drool.gif
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Looks good...can't wait to see the sliced pics!

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So how long was the total cook time?  I did an elk roast a while back (even more lean than that roast), and I was really surprised how quick it got to temps.  I chalked it up to not having much fat to insulate it, but I don't know if that's why.  But it definitely got up to temps much faster than I thought it would.

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So I pulled if out of the frige & put her in my bright new shiney slicer & this is what I came up with. It took 2.5 hours. I used hickory & apple. I'll be coming home early today for some sammies!!


roast 8.JPG

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Looks great -good job

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wow this looks great it will do great Sammie's

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Thanks guys! Was my first one. Wasn't exactly the way & taste I was hoping for but good all the same. I'm going to try soaking some in the Au Ju tonight to try & get more of a beef taste?

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