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propane assistant

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Ok guys I just pulled my smoker project out of storage all can start working on it again. before I wrapped it up for winter I was playing with it and i was thinking about getting a grill burner and plumbing it into the fire box so I can run propane with the wood so I always have constant flame in the fire box. good idea or not? Also in going to be putting a 3ft wide 4ft tall 18" deep hot box right behind the cooking chamber and plumbing a propane burner to that to to keep food and side dishes warm. let me know what think or If u have any suggestions or ideas!!
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Got any Qview of your smoker?

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Yea in on my phone tho and I don't know how to post them. I have pics at this URL and if that first work I have a post in roll call called food makes everybody happy on Michigan.
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