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Here is the short recap.  Large load of meat was a difference in AMNPS performance. I guess moisture was killing it every time I reignited the pellets. So AMNPS is no go in this smoker.

Another disturbing observation. I placed Maverick probe at the top grate and temperature never raised above 210F with smoker dial all the way to 250F. At this point it was 14 hours and inside meat temperature is at 145F. Don't know what to think. Maybe two 8 lb chunks are too much for this smoker.......


There are a lot of factors here, it would seem that 700 watt element should be enough to get the temp up to 250º, my MES 40 is older with 800 watt element and has no problem getting 275º empty.  When  you add food depending on the load, the climb to set temp (about 225º) can take 1-4+ hours depending on the load size, obviously the larger the load the longer to achieve set temp.  The reason for this is 2nd law of thermodynamics "heat always goes to cold".  Thus your meat is absorbing lots of BTUs of heat, so empty the smoker gets to 250º in say 20-30 minutes, loaded with meat it can take hours.  This is one of the reason I am HUGE on preheating the smoker, the colder the outdoor ambient the longer the preheat, if the smoker hasn't been preheated and say you simply  turn it on add your wood for smoking and then add the meat when smoke has started, all that metal is cold thus absorbing heat, this means it will take longer to get to set temp (225º). 


In my MES I noticed the difference by keeping notes on smokes, I noticed that recovery to set temp after opening the hatch was a lot faster after 3 or 4 hours of smoking than say 1 hour.  So instead of having two cold or partially cold things to absorb heat btus (meat & cold metal cabinet + metal racks,etc), I could eliminate one by preheating.  Even when the outdoor ambient is 70+ I still preheat just not as long.  The newer MES with 1200 watt element would of course heat up everything faster because of more BTUs but again preheating would be still be beneficial.


Hopefully your Smoken-it has possibly a defective element, and a replacement would allow you to achieve temps over 214º.


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Thanks for your post.  I did stick those shoulders into cold smoker. And on top of it shoulders were just out of fridge.


I removed top shelf piece when it hit 160F. I gotta tell you the taste of this shoulder changed my mood a lot. Nice bark, moist meat and as I said very very tasty. Second shoulder was an hour late I wrapped it in foil and into the oven for some pulled pork.


I noticed when I removed first shoulder temperature raised to a 230F. I reloaded smoker with wood and stack it with 3 slabs of baby back. And it hoovers around 210F.











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I recently did 20 lbs of brisket in my #2 and it was 205 degrees in about 12 hours. You might send Dave an email. I have had 0 issues getting the unit up to temp and mine holds temps within 10 degrees.

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It heats up fine with no quirks. I think the reason for prolonged cooking time were bones in shoulders. I guess it takes extra time to heat those up.

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Here is an update. After a few smokes I made in this smoker it is clear to me that there is some issue with heating element in my smoker. Empty smoker set to 250F with Maverick probe attached to a top shelf did not go above 232F.  And when loaded with food it hoovers between 195-205F. It does produce a great tasting food but it takes extra extra time to get meat to a 160F. And virtually impossible to get meat to a 205F point.


So I contacted Steve from smokin-it and he was very understanding and was ready to send me another unit to try but I decided to upgrade to a 1200W model #3. So I paid the difference and smokin-it is taking care of all shipping charges. It is a pleasure not to have a head-ache whith exchange.


I'll report with a test run of model 3 when it arrives....

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That's great customer service.

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I have a #2 and its been wonderful. I cold smoke using their cold smoking plate and a bowl of ice. Never have seen a need for an ANMPS. Most likely will upgrade to a #3 soon as it is bigger. I took the chance and bought it site unseen due mainly to reviews and a email exchange with Smokin-it.


I have found that mine unit swings between 210 and 240 (+/- 15 deg.). This is common with thermostat driven units. The other thing I noticed is about 7 degrees difference between the exhaust hole at the top and the lowest rack setting. To compensate for all this, I set it to 230 - 235.


Hmmm, do need to get a Maverick 372 however.




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Cold smoking is a relatively long process and AMNPS makes it hassle free. I have seen the video of cold smoking in model 2 and the way it was done you have to attend to your smoker every hour to turn it on and than turn it off after 20 minutes and so on. Yes it can be done but as I said there are more convinient ways to cold smoke. I am yet to try to burn amnps in cold smokin-it. I think dust would be perfect for this purpose.



Just yesterday I got model 3 and seasoned it. Today I will smoke pork loin piece to internal 155F. I will let you know the outcome and some pics.

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Sorry for neglecting to report. So much stuff piling up lately and I always forgeting to check in here. Long story short Model 3 is everything I wanted model 2 to be. Heats up quickly and holds temperature in desired level. Although it has same quirck as I call it as model 2. I wonder if its universal for all smoking it. At some point around 2-3 hours mark it seems like controller becomes less responsive and temperature goes down all the way to 193F and only than it heats up back to 225. I noticed similar occurances with model 2. But later on it is steady between 225 and 230.


It also very roomy. I think you can fit easily 3 rack of baby back ribs close to each other on one rack. So far I am happy and kudos to smokin-it for a great customer service.

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