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Practice Brisket with Q-view

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So I decided to try a practice brisket with some members of my team on Saturday.  The local grocer had only flats, no full packers.  The whole cook took about 6 hours, with a long stall at 155 F.  The results were satisfactory if not outstanding.  A lack of fat cap and the smaller size of the 4 pound flat made things a bit tough.  Foiled the brisket at 170 F and took to 200 F.  In future I think I'll foil a little earlier.  Any thoughts on this?  Rub was pretty basic.  Marinade was a simple beer, soy sauce, rub affair.   Would love to know what you think.  Happy smoking!IMG_2208.JPGIMG_2215.JPGIMG_2223.JPGIMG_2233.JPGIMG_2237.JPGIMG_2240.JPG

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The Brisket looks great, Flats are tricky. I smoke them in a pan the whole time and baste every 30 mins to keep the moisture to them.

I also inject.


Thanks for the Qview drool.gificon14.gif

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If that was just a practice I can't wait to see the real thing. That is a mighty good lookin briskey!!!

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Actually that's the first brisket I've ever smoked.  I'm from southern VA; we only do pork down there.  This beef stuff is pretty good though.

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I like to foil after the bark is set (doesn't scratch easily off with a finger nail).  Your brisket looks like time well spent.

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This looks awesome. I haven't tried brisket yet 'cause it's just me and the wife eating it. A full packer with an overnight smoke just seems to be too much meat for us. Everyone on SMF suggests full packers. But a six hour smoke on a small flat would be a very good first try for me on brisket. How much did your flat weigh?

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4 pounds.  Not huge, but good for a few friends and left overs for sandwiches the next day.  Pretty tasty, though I'd add some fat on the top to keep things tender.  

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Very nice looking brisket, especially if it was your first. Looks-Great.gif I can't say my first brisket looked that good.

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Looks pretty good to me!
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Looks good from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That's an excellent looking brisket. It looks like a winner to me!

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It is a good looking brisket. from here it looks soft and juicy well done 

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That's a great looking practice brisket! 

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