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Legg's smoked sausage and bologna

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Had some time today so that equals a trip to the store and getting out the grinder and stuffer. :)


Today I decided on using a couple Legg's mixes, 6 lbs of each smoked sausage and bologna.


I haven't tried these mixes before but I can't wait! I love bologna!


Here are the mixes, measured out for 6 lb of meat each.

Legg mixes.JPG


I first did a 1/4" grind, then added Legg's cure, mixed each batch, did a 1/8" grind, and stuffed them with my NT 15lb stuffer. 


I stuffed the smoked sausage mix in hog casings and the bologna in 1 1/2 fibrous casings.


smoked sausage stuffed.JPG


bologna stuffed.JPG


The bologna smelled so good! Can't wait till tomorrow to get these hangin in the smokehouse!

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Looks good can't wait to hear how it tastes

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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

Looks good can't wait to hear how it tastes





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Great start!

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They look great! Looking to hearing your review of the seasoning kits.
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In the smokehouse two hours ago for drying. It's raining like crazy here now. The rain doesn't affect the smoking but it did make it tough to find a spot for the AMNPS to get started and trying to put it in there without getting the pellets all soaked! It looked happy when I tucked it in there though so all is good.
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Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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Looking good so far. Waiting on the final Q.popcorn.gif

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Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished bologna. It's my favorite food!

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Sorry for the lousy pic!



No money shot yet. It was late. I'll slice into some at lunch!

I'm glad I ordered more pellets from Todd last week, I ran out of hickory during this smoke!
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Nothing wrong with them pics.



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Nice looking sausage and bologna. Waiting to find out the reviews of the seasoning!

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The bologna is good! Really good! If you're not a garlic person you may not be as fond of it.


The smoked sausage is good too. A tad bland IMO. It reminds me of something but I can't place it.

Can't wait for more time in the fridge!
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Looks nice. WTG



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Thanks for your honest input gersus. icon14.gif


The bologna sounds great!

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