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First smoke in my new Masterbuilt XL

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I did 6 Boston butts for my nephews Cub Scout pack with the help of my wife . She picked up the butts at Sam's Club $1.50 lb. rubbed them with Jeff's rub and in the refrig. sure was a big help I didn't get home from a bussines trip til 11 pm.

Up earley in the smoker at 5 am



I pulled and foiled at 165 deg. out at 205 deg. Wraped in towels into cooler for a 1 hr. rest







New Masterbuilt worked perfect, everyone had a great time at the Blue & Gold Banquet and had very little left over.

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That's some great looking PP, it doesn't get any better than that!



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Nice job! That's the way we like PP, nice big chunks!!

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Nice job and I'll bet the Cub Scouts really appreciated that. Bet the PP was delicious. Oh how I remember those Blue and Gold Banquets...I was a Cub Master and then Scout Master.

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Looks great.I only remember burgers for Blue & Gold. I'm just happy I can remember that far back. I hope my first butt comes out like yours.

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Nice Job Raptor

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