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Well every one the chimney open on the bradley smoker was the key to success. I have made meat every sunday since I posted the question and have had great success. I even brought a beef roast to a party and there was a restaurant owner there who was completely mad about the taste. He could not believe I made it at home since it was a relatively inexpesive peice of beef. I let it sit in tin foil in a small cooler and it sat for about an hour. The rest period made all the juise re obsorb in to the core and the juice and flavour was unbelievable. Thanks to all for the advice and happy smoking to every one on theforum for there comments. Ps Jeffs 3 2 1 method of doing ribs is amazing as well. Cheers Martin Grimsby tackle..


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Congratulations on your successes!  So glad the forum members could help you out, and be sure to post Qview of your smokes so all of us can drool!

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Awesome! Glad we could help!

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