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MES30 Pulled pork and how much smoke.

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Smoking my first Pulled Pork as we speak. I am a little worried about how much smoke to use. All help would be great.


I am using wood chips in my smoker and am wondering how much to add at a time?

I have read all the info and people are warning about too much smoke.

How can you judge how much to put in? Or do you just fill up the pan inside?

I put some dry ones in and they brurned up quick, then I switch to soaked and they seem to be lasting longer but as I said not sure how much to dump in there.


I was looking at the amazen pellet smokers but they sure seem to be pricey...  I saw there used to be a coupon code around also but that has expired. Anyone have a line on a new code?





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For the chips most of us don't soak them.


You will need to replace then every 20--40 minutes depending on there size.


Don't over load it. a very small handfull is all you need.  If you can smell the smoke coming out the vent then the meat is getting it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am thinking the chips are too small, they seem to burn up in a flash!  Hmmmm

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I prefer a light smoke flavor, so I use applewood and only smoke for the first 2 hours or so. I cut my own chunks that last about an hour.

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If you have room in your pan, chunks are a favorite. TJ just announced lower prices on the AMNPS...Send him a PM or go to his website and call he treats Members really well...JJ

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What they said. The AMNPS is the way to go.

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