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I love to smoke cheese and I have Todd's AMNPS designed for either pellets or dust. I've only used with sawdust, I currently smoke my cheese in a XL Big Green egg with the tray under the grate, which appears to be about 12 to 14.inches below the grate, to get the yellowish color on my cheese I end up filling the tray twice and I get 5 to 6 hours per burn, I do flip the 180 degrees after the first burn, my question is would pellets generate more smoke and what kind of temps would I see using pellets verus the sawdust? I usually smoke about 10 at a time. Thanks.

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The pellets last longer & they do generate a little more heat. I usually get 10-12 hours out of a full tray of pellets. You can always put a pan of ice in the smoker to keep the temp down. I don't flip my cheese.

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