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Overnight smoke last night.... Lots of morning Q View....

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So a friend of mine asked if I would smoke a couple bone in hams from a hog they butchered themselves for a fund raiser Saturday night.  I said sure! But then my Friday evening got busy that meant I had to do it Thursday night.  Well I got everything on the smoker about 7pm. I have never done anything quite this big before.  They barely fit in my vertical smoker.  But we got 'er done.  I'm afraid I may have taken them too high before I foiled them (pulled them off and foiled at 150) but we will see how they taste after they get pulled.




Some ribs they gave me to throw on too.  I didn't trim anything up or even remove the membrane... 


Rubbed and ready to go!



Smoker was full!!!!!


Meanwhile my wife and I dined on a smoked pork tenderloin I had in the freezer from a previous smoke.  Along with a bottle of wine...



Pulled off the smoker and foiled with apple juice and into the oven to finish.  This is just before I foiled them.  I think this was sometime around 1:30 or 2 am.  I am a little tired today at work since I only had a few hours sleep... lol


Ribs are done... about 1:30am


Done... about 6am this morning I pulled them out of the oven at about 200* internal... Don't mind my messy stove top some juices made a mess I had to clean up... 



These won't be pulled until Satuday, After resting in foil they are now in a cooler on ice. But I had a sample this morning and it was very good! But I'm still a little afraid of it being dry... 

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Ram...Unless there is a really good reason to wait until Sat...Pull them now! They are some big hunks, it will take a LONG time to Cool and Reheat. You don't want all that time in the Danger Zone if you can avoid it. Plus, Whole Roasts are more likely to dry out during a reheat.  Pork pulls easily when warm, you can then Bag them in about 4 lb packs. To reheat place the meat in a couple of pans with some Apple Cider and/or your Finishing Sauce, cover and Reheat in a 325*F Oven...JJ

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I simply do not have time to pull them.  I am at work now and will not have any more time to do anything with them today.  I was hoping they could pull them when cool and warm them up.  I have pulled cooled meat before it's not as easy as when warm but I believe should be doable no?

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Oh yeah...It will Pull cold it is just more work. But if you pull before the reheat you will be better off than pulling after...Enjoy the Weekend and Good luck...JJ

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The good thing is that I don't have to do the pulling! Just deliver! yahoo.gif

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Everything looks delicious!

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Love the overnighters!  Nice lookin grub there!

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So were these legs cured or brined at all? Or just smoked for pulled pork?

Either way, they look pretty tasty!

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They where just smoked for pulled pork.  They butchered the hog last week I believe.  Gave me the meat Wednesday.  They are also smoking the loins and some other parts Saturday morning.  Plus doing pork burgers with the misc left overs taken to a local butcher to grind up.

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Great job Ram looks fantastic!

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Ram, those hams and ribs look fantastic. looks_great.png

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It looks great to me

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