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Well 3:00 am the Ham came out of the cure and sat at room temp till smoker got to 350 degrees. dried it out for 4 hours turned the Ham then kicked it up to 140 degrees and rolled smoke for 4 hours. Then turned Ham again Then proceeded kicking temps 10 degrees up every 1.5 hours till the temp was 160 Turned Ham again then to 225 to finish. Hams at 140 degrees now some 15.5 hours. When Ham gets to 145-150 i'll pull and cool. Try to get some pics then. *:00 pm and ham is now 154 degrees and resting on the counter.
This is netting still on.

And another one

Now a couple out and resting. When cooled down I'll roll in plastic wrap and put in fridge for 12-48 hours then cut.

Couldn't help cutting a small slice for me and the wife to test. Flavor is great. Ham seemed tough though. I did cut the slice the wrong direction and it hasn't rested yet. Hopefully that will change. But this test is done and the recipe is definitely a keeper.
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Well all ready for bed in the cold.

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The ham is looking yummy, Viper. Looks-Great.gif

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Looks fantastic! Great color. Thanks for sharing the recipe and tutorial!

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Thanks for all the kind words. .

Well time to slice her up. So dig out the slicer and here we go.



Did save a small piece for supper for me and the wife. Also the chips and some fat saved for beans and other things. Soup beans and Ham probably. yeah!


Then a nice close up.


A little over 4 lb sliced and the rest for the oven and supper to night. Well i've enjoyed my self ,hope you did too! I hope you think it was worth the wait. 6 days brine and cure,almost 18 hours of smoking and cooking. It was worth the wait foe me and you'll buy no store bought ham that tastes any where close to this. Thanks Hab!

My smoking pics.
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Think I'm going to have a Ham and cheese sandwich. So enjoy.
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Don't know till you try.  That's what we're all about here.  Teaching and learning.  Thanks for all the pics and post.  Enjoy the ham.

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That ham turned out great, Viper! It was worth the wait. drool.gif

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Just a update. I cut a hunk off before slicing and the wife heated it up and glazed it using the glaze with the recipe. It was tremendous! Now she wants a large on for Easter. Well got three more Boneless ones that I de boned. When i bought two full rear legs or Hams how ever you want to call it. We call them fresh hams. Which means uncooked ,uncured pork. Peel the hide off as it serves no purpose on a ham. cut in half and de boned. save your skin and cook for cracklings. But the whole ones are around 16-25 lbs. So well see what we can find. Also if you do a boned one the only difference is while injecting make sure to inject along the bone real good. Other then that there is no difference.
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