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Geschmorter Schweinsbraten mit Kapern

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Absolutely tremendous presentation, documentation and explanations, plus I snagged your link to the Maillard reaction!


A couple suggestions for broth; save vegetable trimmings (such as ends from celery, carrot ends, apple cores, greens trimmings, etc.); freezing them in freezer bags, then taking out a few and boil up as necessary for vegetable broth; likewise saving meat trimmings and fat too.  I cannot have the salt and likewise cannot use any premade broths at all so this is what I have to do.  I'll cook up a pot of vegetable broth or meat broth and strain it and freeze it, then unthaw it.  If it's too much, and I can't use up the rest, I just discard it; didn't cost me anything anyways except time!  Have a couple turkey broth containers right now I'm debating about making up some turkey soup or stew, it's just that the weather has been so danged nice (70's today!) it's more like burgers on the grill weather instead!

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I'll definately have to find that book.  That looks absolutely delicious.

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That definitely looks like a winner and is added to the list! 

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Excellent looking meal!


The browning of the meat adds to flavor and appearance.  I let others talk about the "sealing in of juices".  That issue has been covered by others much more authoritative than me.


Good luck and good smoking.

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