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Cut it before it goes bad!....with Q-View (ReTry)

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So I spent a bunch of time writing this thread once and it didn't go through so I'll try again(probably less detailed but o well), sorry if it post duplicateISH!


So like most of us I couldn't pass up a sale on my second favorite(and second best) the pork butt, i picked up an 8 pounder (7.something) and brought it home. Well due to bad weather and the fact i couldn't decide on how i wanted to cook it, it sat in the fridge for days until finally it was 2 days before the cook or freeze day and i don't like freezing good meat(or maybe i just like cooking it!). I decided on a different technique than i usually use(inject-rub-mustard overnight then cook). This time i did a heavy rub coating, wrapped tightly and let it sit for about 15-18 hours, this morning i got it back out to warm up before the cook, injected it, then used an easy but effective mustard slather, then shook an even coating of rub over that and let set up while warming the smoker up.  Today i decided to use the masterbuilt gas smoker(MGS), the weather isn't quite nice enough here in Knoxville, Tn for me to really want to babysit my junk chargriller SFB and my UDS is still "in progress" sitting out back. The MGS is a great smoker for the money($140) but like all cheap smokers it has to be somewhat modified to make it actually usable, but once you get it right its and easy set and forget, just add chips. Although it is set and fogetISH i can't help but to go check on it constantly(my ET-73 is in the mail as we speak, I CAN'T WAIT) anyhow i got the meat on around 8 a.m. smoking at around 230. LETS SEE HOW IT GOES!


745 am




around 2 something.....THE PLATEAU!



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It all looks good to me. Post that Q-view when you get a chance.

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Good start! How did it turn out?

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