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AC Sticks

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My 90/10 has to be used up. Was going to use the fat back and make some 70 day hard salami but with all my irons in the fire i decided to do some AC #116 sticks with a twist.


Here is what i'm using.


1 cup distilled water

6 Tbs AC #116 Stick mix

1 tsp cure 1

4 Tbs BM Powder



My other item is 1.5 tsp celery seed




Added the cure. 116 and celery seed. Mix good.




Using my wifes KA (YIKES) With the dough hook. The hook is better than the paddle. Paddle the meat bunches up in the middle.


5 lbs 90/10




Next i added the BM Powder to the cured 116. Mix in well. I do the BMP add in last.



Add the 116 mix into the meat and dough hook it for 3-5 mins. Careful so you dont over work the meat and start to render the fat to the sides or hook. Use a wooden spoon to help if needed.



All mixed.




Going to cover and fridge, just not enough tome to stuff and hang right now.




See ya tomorrow with it.

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Love that #116. icon14.gif

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Yeah me 2


Im messed up.



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I didn't get quite that much.... biggrin.gif

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Looking good! Gotta order me some of the AC seasonings. 

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Must be nice making all that sausage.... Went to go get me about 60 lbs of shoulder today and my baby acted up today... had to take her into the dealer for some TLC..icon_cry.gif hope she will be well tomorrow


joes pics 805.jpg





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Looks like a great start will look for the big finish tomorrow

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Any news from the doc on your baby?

So this morning i re mix, stuff and ready to hang and smoke.





Keep your butchers twine clean.

I like to tie the middle where the sticks hang on the bell.

And the ends.

Rack resting while the smoker pre heats.

6 Rack pre heated.

Got the PID set at 130 for 1.5 hours then going thru to 170.





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Looks good so far.
i ran out of sticks so thinks its time to make some more.
for some reason they dont last long around my house
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Im happy with the fan. Did five lbs in 5 hours 27 mins.

Going to let the sticks hang in the smoker (no heat or smoke) to bloom up some.


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drool.gif looking good icon14.gif

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Looks good as always. Mind educating me with what effect the BM has to the taste/consistency?



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From time to time i get customers ask for casing less slim jims.

Ok no problema. Your the customer

So if you did your mix and smoking right the casings will peel off just like a wrapper (which it is anyways)

A shot for you of some cut.

So cut and ready for bags...Yeah i know they not all the same size....Hey go make yer own slim jims


Ready for the finicky slim jim eater.

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Those look great!

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I have got to try these next. Very nice.

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Those are fine looking sausages. 

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Awesome sticks as always!!

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Nice AC's Rick... My baby came home fine from the docs.... She had a broken valve spring........ Luckily it didnt do any dammage.... The Hendricks dodge nursery charged me 500 bucks for the visit... Wasnt too bad.. I was expecting a larger bill..... Hendrick better put a car in the winners circle today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Man I gotta try these.  Very nice looking AC's.  By the way, which casing are you using on these?

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Your stuff always turns out awesome and these are no different!  Truly a thing of beauty!

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