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Quick Tip... Quick Clip...

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I was smoking some bacon yesterday and since I was hanging the sides in the smoker didn't really have a place to run my digital probe.  I usually just hang it over one of the sausage sticks holding the porks sides when I'm using smoking sticks.


Well not sure why but I was walking past my workbench and happened to spy an alligator test clip... and bang... it came to me....


Bend a 90* in the clip, widen the barrel with an awl and Bob's your uncle....




Now I can clip the probe anywhere... side grate brackets worked fine for this smoke... and it's a little slicker than the hickory chunk with a hole drilled in it I usually use when I have the grates in the smoker....



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Good thinkin there Salt.

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Nice tip!

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Great idea!


Good luck and good smoking.

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