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spoiled meat advice

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I was wondering if someone could give some advice.  about seven days ago i purchased a brisket with the intention of making corned beef. ive had it brining for seven days now in the fridge. it was stored in a pot with cling wrap over the top. i pulled it out tonight to clean and give a good rub however the wife thinks it may be spoiled due to the duration it was stored. i was hoping to smoke it tomorrow but now my wife has me worried. any advice?

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What was in the Brine?....How much Salt?...Any Cure?...JJ


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i had some garlic, onion and alot of pickling spices. i put about two teaspoons of salt into the mixture.

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Where did you get that Recipe?...That is not enough salt to accomplish much of anything...And Corned Beef needs some Nitrite in the form of Cure #1 to give that Flavor and Pink Color... Was it in the high use Refrigerator that everyone is in and out of all day? Or an extra Refer? Does it Smell nasty or have a Slimey Feel? How were you planning on Cooking this meat?...7 days is pushing the typical storage time. Risky business...JJ

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Originally Posted by woburn View Post

i had some garlic, onion and alot of pickling spices. i put about two teaspoons of salt into the mixture.

NO cure??????? never herd nor seen corned beef without cure in it. As JJ stated you need the cure to give it that nice pink color. You didn't say how big a piece of brisket you used but assuming it was the average size of a small corned beef  around 3# 2 tsp isn't even close to enough salt. There is normally between 1/2 to 1 cup salt in the brine. Since there wasn't near enough salt, and no cure I also question whether it's good. Temps below 40 do not stop the nasty bugs from growing it only slows them down. foods stored at a constant temp of 0 and below the nasty bugs do not grow. here is a link to the USDA guide lines on refrigerator storage. Refrigeration & Food Safety

AS the old saying goes when in doubt throw it out, I think it definitely applies here. 

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From what you describe it certainly does not sound safe to eat to me. You really don't have corned beef without cure. All you have is a marinated brisket & it seems that it has marinated too long to be safe. I'm no expert on food safety, but I would pitch it.

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1) What does it smell like?


2) try a small piece on a fry test, how does it taste?  Of course, if it is foul-smelling when frying it up, just throw it out, don't eat any of it.


You can dry-age or wet-age beef 2-3 weeks with little consequences, but immersion in non-boiled water is a different critter altogether.  The juices will ferment and spoil without cure or at least sufficient salt; as blood from the meat has mixed with it and no preservative action has been present to protect it.  As said before, the first loss is the best and safest loss; the price of another brisket is far far far! cheaper than a trip to the hospital, or even the doctor nowadays!  If in doubt, throw it out and start fresh; order some Cure  #1.

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Due to the advice from you folks ive decided to toss it out. its just not worth the risk of getting my wife and best friend sick. off to the butcher here in Toronto for a new brisket and some ribs. this,  time no brining. again many thanks for the solid advice.

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from the info you gave i will stay  away.

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thanks again for the brisket, ribs. The smoker is lit and the first rub is on, going to be a grfeat dinner!

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