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I Miss This

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My smokehouse back up in PA. My daughter prob using it for a tool shed now icon_cry.gif


I did bring the Traeger assembly to GA with me.




Going to mount the Traeger to my proofer/smoker.


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Nice setup.

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It is a beauty for sure. The new one will be even better if I know you. 

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Hey Rick-can you explain you setup? Looks like one of Pops builds.

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OK I am waiting on this answer also....

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No not pops build. My own.
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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

No not pops build. My own.

Will post pics of the build later.
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Looks sweat..........

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Here is a slideshow of the smokehouse build. My neighbor helped with the build. I started with using propane and 2 types of burners. The PA winter made the use of propane pretty wishy washy so i then put the pellet system to the side which helped.

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Great set up,

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Nice smokehouse...sure hope it's not a tool shed! You'll get another all done up and it'll be better!

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Nepas,  the previous smoke house was incredible.  welder.gif I KNOW that with your skills, tools, and talent the new, upgraded smoke house will be a palace!  Good luck with building it.


I look forward to following along.  sausage.gif

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 nepas, morning..... I would have put it  on a trailer and moved it..... LOL   



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wow - that sure is one slick setup you got there! I would miss it too!

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Thanks everyone.


Dont think i will build another cuz i have the proofer/smoker here in GA.

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Looks like it would  have been pretty easy to move...

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Very nice looking smoker I can see why you miss it. LOL I'm with the others I think I would have put it on a trailer and moved it. There is always still that option. 

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