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Where to put the probe?

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I bought a Maverick-732 a few weeks ago and as far as the food probe goes it is dead on when I double check the food with my Thermapen. But the smoker temp probe seems to vary a lot depending on where I place the probe it in the smoker. Towards the back wall of the smoker it reads really hot. And over the burner on the rack with the meat it reads even hotter. It seems that I can get any reading that I want depending on where I place the smoker probe. Is there a sweet spot in the smoker to place the smoker probe? I have a MES30.  

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There can be  hot and cold spots in your smoker  so I usually try to place the probe as close to the location I am going to be putting the meat but not too close that the meat that it screws with the probe and gives it a crazy reading.

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I can't say on your smoker. But most smokers will have hot and cold spots some worse then others. I try and place the probe as close to the meat as I am cooking. Since I use multiple shelves in my smoker I place it on the center rack.

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I'm with Sprky on this one center rack until you learn your smoker then adjust

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Like the others said where you put the meat, using a piece of potato or some use a chunk of wood with a hole drilled thru for the probe.


Since my MES 40 is the older type (lower watts and no built-in meat probe), I use two external probes, one for the meat temp the other for cabin temp.  I also use a cheap analog oven thermometer tested again my digital oven and probes, as a backup, I put it on the 2nd rack up in the corner so all I have to do is crack the hatch and I can take a peak at the analog temp reading.


Keep On Smokin!

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