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Beef shelf life question

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     Hey all. I have a 5lb rump roast that I was planning on smoking last weekend, but plans changed and I wasnt able to get it done. I put it in a ziploc bag with EVOO, rub, and a little worcestershire a week ago today, intending to marinate overnight. It's been in the fridge since. This is the only time since then that I will have a chance to do anything with it. I should mention, when I put in the marinade, I squeezed all the air out of the bag that I could, and when I went to check on it today, the bag was slightly inflated, which I'm taking as a red flag. With all my food safety training I should know what to do, but this kind situation isn't typical of anything I've run into thus far, and in food service, if we question the safety of the product, it gets tossed. I opened the bag and everything smelled OK, mostly just smelled like my rub, and the outside of the meat has taken on a darker color, presumably from the worcestershire. 


     I'm looking for advice from some of you more seasoned professionals, cook it or toss it? It's really not a big deal either way really, It was just to be for my lunch through the week. I'll just be out $10 for the roast, but if it's salvageable, I'd really like to smoke it!

Thank you

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If it smells OK then it probably is. Personally and I'm not recommending it, but I do it, is to buy prime ribs of the lesser grades and wrap them twice in plastic wrap and leave them refrigerated for two weeks. When I was in the meat business, the most successful steak house in Montreal was a partner in our cole slaw business. He had his own cutters and cry-o-vac apparatus and he aged his ribs for at least two weeks.I find the process works for me. YMMV.

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If it smells fine it probably is.  Just remember if in doubt throw it out. 


That said slice off a small piece and fry it.  If the smell coming off it is sour toss it.  I imagine you are fine though. Probably just aged it a bit.

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Tossed it, took your advice and fried up a piece Rick, just didn't smell right. I'll just buy another for peace of mind. Thanks again!

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