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a problems

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Hello, everyone, I use the electric heating tubes do an smoker,a question to ask:
The smoker size is 100cm * 50cm * 50cm, electric heating power is 1500w, it is enough?


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I have a 1500 watt in my UDS Barrel and it is more than efficient. My top temp is 225 f on a 30 degree day!

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That should work out great. A 40" Masterbuilt is about the same size as the numbers you gave uses a 1200w element. With a 1500w element you should get very quick recovery time.

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there are several online BTU calculators where you enter the dimensions of the space and the desired design temp.  1200 watts is almost double what you need for the 40" MES, the majority of older 800 watt MES40 owners have no problem with the lesser amount of wattage.  My point is YES 1500 watts for an MES size smoker is way more than you need. 


Ok having said that, the MES is insulated and I can not stress enough how big a factor that is, especially in cold ambient conditions.  Heat loss will will drain BTUs.  This is one of the big reasons the MES has been so successful, in it's price range there are very few insulated smokers.

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Hello Farrellbox, the guys gave good answers, could you please head over to Roll Call and introduce yourself and provide location, experience and equipment info. It will help us help you...JJ

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thanks guys,

I would like to add a fan to help the hot air circulation?

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This is my schematic, what needs to be improved?



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This is my schematic, what needs to be improved?


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