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First Smoked Fattie...WOW!!!

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I made this friday when I was bored and didnt have anything else to do.  That was the first time making a fattie and today was the day I smoked it.  All I can say is I see alot more of these in my future.






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Pass me a hamburger bun,  time for a sandwich!


Looks delicious  Thanks for the Qview

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It looks delicious! Nice job on the bacon weave!

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Looks good! Details please.


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wow looks so good, well done


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Super nice !!!!!!! drool.gif
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Looks great! You did an outstanding job on the bacon weave. Details of the filling? 

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For the filling.  I used Italian sausage that I made myself.  Bought the pork, grinded it all up, and addes all the spices and seasonings.  Used American Cheese, Mushrooms, Red & Yellow Peppers and that is it.  It turned out so good. 

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yummy love it looks great

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You knocked it out of the park for your 1st one.  My 1st attempt wasn't nearly that pretty. Nice work!

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Eu' Beeeeeeeeeeeetdrool.gif

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Looks great. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. sausage.gif
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