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to much #1 cure?

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made another batch of jerky  this weekend as i am trying to nail down the perfect  taste. this batch has Great flavor and texture but it seems a little on the salty side only ingredients used are  #1 cure and ac leggs teriyaki jerky seasoning

i had 2lb 9oz of whole muscle meat

used .1025 oz #1 cure

3.0 oz seasoning

diluted in 1 1/2 cups cold water

marinated for 24hrs


what are your thoughts??

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Cure no 1.jpg


4 oz. for 100 lbs of meat = 1 oz for 25 lbs of meat, .1 1/10th) of an oz for 2.5 lbs, so you are spot on for the cure #1 at .1025 oz.; don't know the composition of the seasoning you used but it is probably where the extra saltiness came in.  You don't have to use the Cure #1 at maximum strength, either; try using 25% less next time and soak a bit longer.  It is 93.75% salt.

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Pops has you right on.


The amount of salt in that little bit of cure is not your problem.


Good luck and good smoking.



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The main reason I don't use store bought mixes is that the few I've tried always tasted to salty for me.


You might try adding some sugar to the mix next time to try to mask the saltiness.


Like Pops said,  your right on with the cure amount.

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