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Interesting Recipe sounds good...Have you made this?...JJ

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hey, jimmy -


i've never made this, because i don't really have rabbits available to me (or, when i DO see them, i don't have a .22 handy), but it is one that i would definitely want to try. being of msotly-german descent, this one calls to me and, considering the ingredients, i have a feeling that it would be really good. someone has suggested that turkey thighs are a good substitute for rabbit, so i might give it a go sometime with those, if i can't come across a bunny or two.


as you can guess, this is a very old recipe, and has been a part of german culinary culture for hundreds of years. from the same source:


A cook in a puffed-sleeve doublet, shown in a 16th Century woodcut, skins a hare in preparation for the traditional Hasenpfeffer (Hasz im Pfeffer in old German), or "hare in pepper). On the stove, a bubbling pot awaits the making of the stew, a dish almost as old as German cooking itself and still popular.
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