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Starting Over

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Hey All,


Had a Brinkmann SnP, but it was destroyed last Aug in a fire.  ITCHING to get smoking again.  Wife won't let me spend more than $200 on a new one.  Should I just stick to the current version of the SnP (Ibelieve Charbroil bought the design), or is there a better choice for that $$?

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The Brinkman is a possibility if you want to stay with Charcoal or there are some decent Propane and Electric models in that price range...JJ

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How did u like ur snp?
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I have an SnP, It's OK. Made a lot of modifications to it that definitely have taken the price over $200 and its still only semi efficient. I broke down and took on a project smoker in early December, had it working in January and haven't used the SnP since. It's an air compressor tank that I built using guidelines from UDS builds and a little creativity on my side. But in all the research I've done on UDS's, I say if you want to avoid gas or electric, build a UDS if on a budget, and If you've got an old standing air compressor tank laying around, send me a PM. If simplicity right off the bat is what you're looking for, I say go electric. It's pretty much an outdoor oven you can smoke with. Hope this helps!

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