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how about a rub for steaks?

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My personal rub is 1 part each, kosher or ground sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder, and tony chachere's.  I came up with this recipe a few years ago and have not needed to change it. 


Rub the steaks then marinade the steaks in worshcherise sauce for a few hours before grilling the rest in the refrigerator. 


2 small pats of butter placed on top of the steaks two minutes before pulling off the grill never hurts.


The secret to the juciest steaks is too wrap in foil and rest for 10 minutes after grilling. 

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I coat the stakes in Worcestershire sauce. rub with sea salt, fresh CBP, garlic powder, onion powder. wrap in saran wrap or gallon zip lock and let sit in fridge around 12 hours.

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I keep it pretty simple with just garlic salt.

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I use a fork to put some holes in the steak, rub with Worcestershire pepper, cbp and sea salt. Marinate in Worcestershire sauce. I also add the pats of butter a few minutes prior to removing from the grill. Once pulled from the grill I loosely cover them with foil while I get the sides out. 

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Here's my earth-shatteringly good steak rub:





The end.


I'd rather spend my time picking out the right steak and making sure my grill is running hot enough to crust the outside a little, but leave the inside rare to medium rare.  No need to get all cute with it.  A good steak is a thing of beauty.  No need to try to improve on perfection.  Simple salt and pepper on the right steak can be used to devastating effect.

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Salt & Peppa Salt & Peppa


Try ground coffee sometime, super good on roasts but also good on steaks!

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EVOO + Montreal steak seasoning!

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