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1st bacon

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went and got a 6lb  belly this am from the butcher man going to give bacon a try !! drool.gif using  the  "POPS Recipe"   found here ] the plan is to let it soak for 10-14 days  then smoke  ill have pics up as i go along  any tips  will be greatly welcomed


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Sounds like you have it covered. How are you planning on smoking it? Hot or cold smoke?

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Pops brine makes it real easy. If this is your first bacon I would cold smoke it.

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like AL said i will cold smoke it

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yes i plan on cold smoking  .. when i do this do i just want to put it in my mes without turning it on and running the AMNPS? or should i run temp at 100? whats a good wood to use

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Pop's brine is great!  My only suggestion is that, if you add any additional spices (I add garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper), give it a good stir every few days.  Otherwise the pieces on the bottom get more seasoning than the ones on the top.  Good Luck!

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i was wondering about stirring it thanks

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