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I just smoked a block of butter after I seen this post........   2 hours cold smoked with my maze n apple pellets...... 


I made kraft dinner using the butter. I can now die a happy man :) 

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Very unique idea, i will try this.
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Excellent idea, the result is even better than I had hoped for. You are my new idol.
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i currently have 3 sticks in the smoker 6 hours of hickory pellets on the first day and 2 rows of plum dust today. I cant wait to try it after a 2 week rest.

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Very common in France

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very common in France

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Guess I will have to give this one a try....

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Originally Posted by Bluto View Post

I have been thinking of doing this myself, it would be perfect for a compound butter to top a steak with.  Guess I need to go get some butter and just give it a go.

Just what I was thinking! A nice compound butter. I've been smoking salt and garlic and onion for powders and they're terrific. I use them for rubs and it adds great smokey flavor, I also do mashed potatoes with smoke roasted garlic, the butter im sure would just add to that. Compound butters will stay well in a freezer for a good amount of time too. All of these things are great to add nice bbq flavor to any meal without having to fire up the smoker, going to throw some butter on right now!

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Even if it melts like this you can still mix it with a regular room temp stick to make a compound butter, never waste butter!!! lol

Originally Posted by Strawman View Post

Well, as I said, the other sticks I only threw in there for half an hour. I decided to keep one other stick in there for two hours.  I went out to check on it.  And well, LOL! got too warm.  So I will have to try later beyond the half hour mark when it is a little colder or drop the sticks in the freezer for a bit before going in. 



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I did the smoked butter last weeked (and cream cheese) and smoked butter on popcorn is incredible! Also the smoked cream cheese is awesome and will need to be made often as well.
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Sounds great as a steak topper and I bet it's fantastic in the Kraft Mac n Cheese.  Good idea!

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I will be able to smoke butter year round because my smoker can go all the way down to 32F in the summertime.


Smoking cheese and cold smoked salmon are also part of the plan.



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A buddy of mine mentioned the butter idea the other night when I was getting ready to smoke some salmon fillets. I had some extra room and did 3 sticks of a pound. I smoked mine for a full 12" Amaze n Tube... about 6 hours or so. The ambient temp was in the  30° range, probably my last cold smoking night of the year. It took on a little color where it was exposed, but I had left it on the opened wrapper so it wasn't completely exposed. Wrapped it back up in the morning and stuck it in the fridge, figure I'll give it time to mellow for a few days and give it a shot! Maybe my potted shrimp recipe icon14.gif

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My wife and I just got home from a couple weeks in Ca. and I tried the butter today, initially out of the smoker it was awful, like licking an ashtray (not that I really know what licking an ashtray would taste like, but you get the idea... yuck.), today it's great, the flavor has mellowed out a lot. Its very distinctly smokey and I'm sure a little will go a long way.


The outside temp was in the lower 30°s and the only heat was from the smoker tube. I've done quite a bit of cheese this way and never had any melting issues. I left the sticks on the folded open wrappers and placed them directly on the top grate in the smoker. The tube smokes for about 6 hours fully loaded. In the morning I carefully refolded the wrappers, and put everything in a ziplock in the fridge.


For dinner tonight I'm going to cedar plank grill some salmon and top it with a preserved lemon, and dill, smoked compound butter.

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Just like to add that I find butter doesn't need more than about 2 hours in the cold smoker.


Yes, it's pretty nasty on toast or in a sandwich, but is is totally awesome when coating baby new potatoes, smeared onto corn on the cob, or mixed with garlic and herb and used on top of a steak.


I mean REALLY amazing!

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About 3 lbs of Smoked Butter! Amazin smoker kept the temp to about 45-55 with an air temp of about 40

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I made my first batch a few weeks ago. It has been fantastic.

I love it on Brussels Sprouts along with a bit of Parmesian cheese, salt, and pepper. It just givea it that extra zing!

A pat of it on a steak is also fantastic. Broccoli or cauliflower should benefit from it as well. It would have to be good on a baked potato.

I cut each stick into four smaller chunks to give it more surface area to collect the smoke, then put it all in the fridge to re-chill it after the smoke. Then I pressed the sticks back together and vacuum sealed them individually.

I froze some and kept some in the fridge. I just take a stick in its vacuum bag out and let it come up to room temp. Then I knead it thoroughly in the bag to blend the flavor. Then I just clip off a corner of the bag and squeeze it out into a small bowl.

It's really been good on a lot of things.

Tabbed in.
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I make smoked, clarified butter by starting off with frozen butter, so that it melts more slowly and absorbs more smoke.  I've never tried cold smoking butter, but it seems to me that the best way would be to cut up the butter into small cubes, and spread them around to absorb more smoke.  For my own use, I prefer clarified butter, which is easy in a smoker, because it separates.  After smoking in a stainless steel bowl, I let the butter cool down completely, then put it in the refrigerator to solidify.  Once it solidifies, it's easy to pop out of the SST bowl.  All of the solids will have settled to the bottom. A quick rinse with cold water leaves a nice clean chunk of clarified, smoked butter.  I use it to impart a smokey flavor to things I cook in a skillet... ham steaks.. eggs... etc.

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Good Budda.




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