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Wife got me a new smoker for my birthday!!!

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My old propane smoker had seen its better days so after fighting with trying to replace the bad regulator today my wife decided to buy me an early birthday present. Went into menards but I didn't like any there so went to wal mart and we found a charbroil I liked. I wanted something with a seperate door to get at the water and wood chips. This one has a drawer so we will se how I like it. Water goes around the wood chips and the chips are held in a bowl in the center of the drawer.


After seasoning it and playing tonight I found out I for sure won't be using the junk thermo that came with it. I had two of my own inside registering almost 100 degrees higher than the factory installed one. Both set on the grate just behind where the factory one goes through the door.


I will still be using my horizontal charcoal one in the summer for most of my smokes. But this will be used when outside temps make it hard to get my temps up in the charcoal one. It's easier to regulate with the propane in the winter. I also use the propane in the summer when I need more room. 


Tonight I'm attaching pics of the new smoker and how far off the thermo was but tomorrow I'll post some Q-View of the sirloin tip roasts, baby backs, and boneless Iowa chops I'm throwing on for the Super Bowl tomorrow!


New smoker






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Ok so a little Q-View I guess.... My rubbed and wrapped chops, sirloin tip (roast beef), and baby back ribs ( I believe they are baby backs the package said "Loin Back" from my butcher). Will be going on my new CharBroil Vertical Propane smoker tomorrow for our Super Bowl party!


Not a single piece of meat was purchased at a store all we buy our beef and pork from local farmers and have it butchered locally.






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nice birthday gift.  will check back for the Q-view of the food tomorrow.

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Congrats on the new smoker. Looks like your going to load her up. Nice way to break her in.

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Nice birthday gift.  Now make sure she is happy she bought it for you and cook some great Q

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Cool !

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Well my first smoke with it went pretty well!  I found a couple of things with it. I had to have the temp set so high it would just keep boiling all the water out.  It was fairly cold out and I had it loaded pretty good so I would imagine if it wasn't so cold it wouldn't do this.  But after filling the water pan up twice I just let it be after the second fill and didn't use any water.  Without the water I found it also would get warmer easier in the smoke chamber so I could turn my heat down... After things started getting done and I was pulling them off I had to cheat the knob over past high towards off to get the flame down low enough to keep the temps inside below 250, this was toward the end of my smoke when the ribs where in the foil and I was done with wood chips.


The boneless Iowa chops where just thrown on since I was firing it up to vacuum pack and freeze for a future meal.  We had to sample of course but they turned out awesome!  Just rubbed with a little Lowrey's, Tony Chacher's, and pepper. Just like when I put them on the grill! They where only on for about 2 hours @ 225.





The roast beef was my first attempt at doing actual roast beef. Rubbed with Cookies Flavor enhancer, and peper. They were on for about 4 hours but I could have pulled them sooner as they where a little more "done" than I wanted.  I was going for more medium to medium rare, it wound up being a little more done than I wanted.  I need a meat slicer! But along with the home made horseradish and a little Country Side BBQ sauce it made great sandwiches for the game!





Just realized I only took one picture of the ribs! lol Well that was on the plate along with a roast beef sandwich and the cheesy potatoes my wife made!  Ribs turned out great! Did them about 2.5, 2, <1...  Rubbed with EVO, Vinnies BBQ Rub (local BBQ place), a lil Tony Chachere's. Perfect texture and moist! Pulled off the bone nicely! My rub needs a lil work, I used my loin rub.  But it has a bit too much kick for some ppl on ribs.  Loin I cut right about 1/4" or thinner so you only get a little bit in every bite.  Ribs you get a lot in every bite... lol 



We also had hot wings (hooters style) for the game!  We had PLENTY of food! LOL But we only lost 3 ppl during the game to naps from being full! LOL









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Looks like it all turn out great !
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Looks like a great meal!


I take it there was a 50 degree difference between your door therm and your pit therm?  Sounds pretty typical.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I guess it does kinda look like about 50* difference but when I first opened the door, the outside gauge read 250 and the inside gauges read almost 350!  Just inches away from the probe through the door... 


I think I'll replace it with the same ones I used on my Char Griller.


Like this:


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Congratulations on the new smoker and the food looks fantastic!

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It all Looks-Great.gif

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