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Pops & JJ's input in Deli Meat

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I was at my local WW yesterday and was at the Deli and seen the corned beef and pastrami was 7.98 a pound. I was wondering at what type of meat do they use for deli meat? It was 3 or 4 inches thick ( maybe more) The display package looked to be around 15 pounds and was cryo vac. At them prices buying the whole thing is kinda expensive ..


 So for home made Pastrami whats the best type and cut to make it out of?? I tried a pre-packaged corned beef and was not impressed with the final product, left a lot to be desired. And was quite a a bit different then Deli sliced meat.


 I like starting with the "better" ingredients so I can have a better finished product. So let me know whats the best meat to do Pastrami with in your opinion......




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Brisket point is the best IMHO. Followed by brisket flat. Of course you have to cure them both before smoking them.

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Since I am not JJ or Pops I want say anything....biggrin.gif

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Ok Roller,, LOL  Didnt mean to single anyone out,,, How about   "Anyone with first handle knowledge about Deli meat"

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Sorry but I do not know anything about that...biggrin.gif  but I did just pull my Pastrami out of the smoker..

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Beef plate is also used. For about a year now I have been using sirloin tip roast for pastrami and while it isn't the traditional cut it really turns out well.

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I know brisket is used a bunch, but like i mentioned this stuff was really thick. It was way thicker then the Briskets I can get, like twice as thick. So it leads me to believe that they are not a brisket cut. If they are, they are HUGE cows. Lol

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I made this yesterday out of brisket and its pretty thick...

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A lot of deli meats that you see are chunks of trimmings that are glued together to look like a nice round chub and then processed to make your pastrami or ham or what ever you may want


Nice Pastrami Roller!


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That is some GOOD lookin Pastrami Roller!!!!!!


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Roller, I'm not singling you out, but you are the only one with a picture of some fine looking pastrami. So how about sharing that recipe with someone that wants to learn about how to make his own......Wait, I just had a Brain Fart, I think it would be easier to just send you my address.........th_HaHAAHaa.gif 

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Like this...    and this......These are cut from the Top or Bottom Round...Many folks would not buy the Fattier Corned Beef Brisket and Pastrami the oldtimers and our Jewish bretheren prefer...These are prepared the same as Brisket but are not Kosher...If you want to make one, buy a Rump Roast or Eye round...Hope this helps...JJ

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The one on the right is about what I seen. Thanks JJ.Roller, as you can see these that JJ showed are quite a bit bigger then the one you are showing. But your looks great..

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Thats the one , the right one. I guessed about 15 pounds. Thanks JJ

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I am having a horrible time double posting tonight for some reason, if a Mod can help and clean my double and triple post up please. Since I can not see how to delete my own post for some reason.. Thanks


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Roller that looks grand, I hope when I try my hand at making pastrami it looks that good. 

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Thanks guys...Terry I did not mean to HIGHJACK your thread...SORRY !!!

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Highjack away Roller,, specially if you have more pics like the one you posted earlier.


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