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Baby backs and Spares same smoke

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I am smoking 2 racks of baby backs and 1 rack of spares tomorrow. Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions about cooking these at the same time? I just got my AMNPS in the mail yesterday and did a test run with it last night. I now understand the TBS concept. I have a MES 30, and before when using the chips in the tray, I would get heavy white smoke. Also this time I am going to try sand instead of water in the pan. During my last smoke I had a condensation problem. I have read on here where other guys have had luck with the sand so I thought I would give it a try. Any tips would be great.

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Forgot to mention I might throw a couple chicken breasts on for my mom since she isn't a rib fan. Never done chicken so any suggestions would be awsome!

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Those are fine to smoke together.  Spares should go in about 1 hour before the BBR's.  Spares are 3-2-1, BBR's 2-2-1.  Chicken breasts can go in as well.  Everybody in the pool together!!!  bluesbros.gif

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Is there a time frame for the breasts, or just go off internal temps. I was also thinking of trying apple pellets. That ok for ribs and chicken?

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Apple works great on both ribs and chicken 

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The breasts will only take a couple of hours to get to 165. Just put them under the ribs, you don't want the chicken dripping on the ribs.

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The Chicken will only take about 2 hours total...If you want everything perfect and have everybody eat together....Put the Chicken in with the BabyBacks...But...Pull the Breasts when they hit 145*F, cover, rest 30 minutes and refrigerate...Place the Chicken back in during the last hour while the Ribs are finishing up and Smoke the Breasts to the usual 165*F...Serve everything Fresh and Hot...JJ

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I knew JJ would have a great answer for you!

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Thanks alot guys. Really heplful info. Of course just like the last time I did a smoke it is raining here again so I hope the moisture won't be an issue. I'm still pretty new to all this and that makes 3 out of 4 smokes where it will be raining during the process.

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The ribs turned out pretty good considering I got a late start on them. It sure was alot easier using the AMNPS than reloading the chip tray. I have a few pics of the end product, just trying to get them from the camera to the computer. I didn't end up doing the chicken, so that will be for another time. Thanks for the help again.

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