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3 butts yesterday, another today Q-view

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The first pic shows the bark from two of three butts I smoked at work yesterday.  These were smoked fat cap up.   The other pics are from the butt I smoked today.  This one was smoked fat side down in the smoker for 4 hours, then finished in the oven fat side up, wrapped in foil.  The rubs were different, both very flavorful, and nice smoke ring on todays butt.  Hope you enjoy.


2 of the 3 butts I smoked for the guys at work yesterday



Today's butt




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They all look great...which did you like better, the fat side up or fat side down?

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No difference in moisture between fat up or down that I can notice.  I know this goes against what lots of people believe, but I think I got better bark fat side UP.  That could be due to the fact that it was two different rubs also.  Honestly, as far as taste goes, it is also is non remarkable. I can barely tell a difference.  I will say however, that the Q today seems a little less greasy.  That could also be due to the fact that when I was at work yesterday, we caught a run (fire department) and I had to leave the butts in the oven, wrapped in foil, soaking in its grease for about 45 minutes longer than I wanted.  So short story long, there are too many variables between yesterday and today to compare fat up vs fat down benefits. lol

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Smoked  butts are like geodes: ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside.  Those look good.

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I love the bark on them.  For me that is what makes PP.  The contrast from the bark.  well done

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Great looking butts, bet they made some delicious sammies!

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Thanks for all the comments guys.  They did make some good eating. Everyone loved them. I agree, the bark is what makes the pp.

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They look great .
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Man those look great. Makes me want a plate right now at 7:30 AM LOL

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Great color in that last picture. Looks incredible!!

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