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For Sale: J & R Little Red Smokehouse (Model 250FSE)

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$7,000 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
J & R Little Red Smokehouse (Model 250FSE)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

If you have a commercial bbq operation or just a serious-a*s pit master with a lot of friends to feed, boy do I have the machine for you


I have recently closed my commercial BBQ operation and (with a heavy heart) have to sell this beauty. 


She is a J & R Little Red Smokehouse (although this one is entirely black) model 250 sfe (elctrical). J & R is long known as the cadilac of smokers.  This baby is HEAVY duty.  It is constructed of channel iron and deck plate and can hold up to 250 lbs of large cuts of meat.  It also uses a series of electronically controlled motors and dampers that controll the air flow etc. to maintain perfect temperature.  The electrical components run on 230 connection.  She also has a heating element and a convection fan to ensure constant temperature and even heat/smoke distribution which means you don't have to rotate the meat.  She is a big beautiful "stick burner" using hardwood logs and she is a "set and forget" machine.  Simply start your fire, set the temperature and come back when its time to take the Q out.  She even has a "Cook/Hold" function so you can set the amount of time you want your meat to cook.  When it reaches the desired time, it drops down to a 150 degree holding temp.  You can roll it right into your operation (she clears any standard door frame) and she only takes up 10 sq ft of floor space.  To find out more about this model, visit http://www.jrmanufacturing.com/little-red-smokehouse.html


She is about 10 years old but shows little wear other than being well-seasoned. I replaced all the switches and an "evac" motor.  You might want to replace the two door gaskets but she still cooks fine as is. 


I am willing to help you arrange pickup and shipping anywhere (at your expense).


Don't miss out on this opportunity cuz kicking yourself in the head is a painful experience!


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I'm in the market for a 250FSE... where are you located? I'm in NY. 

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Hmmm... I think it looks a little rough. Gonna need a good overhaul soon if not sooner.

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is this for sale?

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do you still have the smoker

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Mee also, is this smoker still available?

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I have a 250FSE in very good condition, it's been stored more that it's been used and I'm asking $8000.00

Located in S/W Colprado

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SUdzy I may be interested in your 250... Please contact me at questions@fletchersbklyn.com to talk more details.
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Hello SUdzy. That 250FSE still available? Know of any other smokers for sale? Thanks

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Hi SUdzy,


I am looking for a 250. If you still have it, email me - I am in Durango often and I can pick it up





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yes still for sale photos available

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I am looking for this make and model of smoker.  I will remove this post when I have purchased one, so if it's still up, please send me an email. Thank you.




Thank you,




Tampa, FL.

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Do u still have your smoker for sale?
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I have this smoker also

See my post. Looking for best offer by Monday 1/20
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hello i'm mike and i came From napoli italia.i'm interessed to buy your little red smokehouse. i want to know how i can to buy your smokerhouse.i want to know more info about your smokehouse.i wanto to know the delevery cost

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Also interested in LRSH if any are still available.......

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I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for a 250. I'm located in Niles Illinois and I am willing to travel If the if the smoker is good and the price is right. My email

mark@wildwoodtavern.net. I will would like to hear from you all.

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Hey, I see there hasn't been any new posts for the LRSH, does anybody have one out there to sell. it would fit perfectly in my operation. I need a hook up.

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Definetly interested need to no if you still have and were you are located !

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Highly interested in this
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