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Master Forge 33" Electric Smoker

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I was looking at electric smokers because one day I would like to add to the arsenal and with new MES's coming out maybe some good sales will be around the corner (not like I have the $ anyway) but I came across this smoker and I have never seen it before. So I just wanted to put it out there for people in the market or if anyone does buy it maybe we can get a review. It at least looks pretty cool.



master forge.jpg

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That does look pretty kool. I'll have to go to Lowes and check it out.I'm happy with my MES 40 but I always like lookin at other stuff.

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If you do look at it can you take some pictures (especially the inside) and maybe get some specs, I can''t find any info on it at all and I am not sure when I will be any where near a Lowe's. Not like I am really in the market but still interested to know more about it.

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Will do,but my local lowes list's this bad boy as "limited availability" so it may not have one available to look at.

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Was just wondering if any info was found on this smoker.  Just saw it at the local Lowes over the weekend and it caught my eye.  If I would have seen this post before I went I would have grabbed some pics.



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This is a very nice looking smoker, so I bought one last week. It was easy to assemble and is fairly well built. I seasoned it and checked the temperature with a digital thermometer and it held very close. I cooked some salmon in it for my first try and it came out very nice.


BUT the next morning when I went to clean up the unit the entire digital display was completely dead. I unplugged the unit and rebooted it, still dead.

I called Master Forge and they told me the control panel is bad and they don't have any replacements yet. So I returned to Lowes and will be buying a different smoker.


Too bad, I liked it otherwise.

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Thanks for this info, mcgeeclan.


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Check the their website out, do you really want to do business with a company that doesn't even represent their product on the company website.  This is essentially a china company with an American distribution office selling through BigBox stores, with zero support.


Masterbuilt is a American company which has THEIR product mass produced in China, but strongly represents their product both online, and through their distribution center, with support and parts.  They sound almost the same but their is a significant difference.  Weber is an America company which used to produce all their product in USA but now it is all produced in China except certain models of summit grills,  Masterbuilt is more similar to Weber than Master Forge.

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Well, I finally checked one out just to see it in person. Looked kind of cool but seemed small (haven't seen MES in person yet so can't compare) I took some pictures of what I could without having some sales guy try to help me and I was in a hurry. 


I do like the that the door has a magnet so it closes easy and flush, also has a latch to keep closed I guess, no leaks from what I saw. I like the drawers for access to the water pan, chip tray, and drip pan. I couldn't pull out the drawer for the water pan/chip tray because they clearly didn't assemble it correctly (as always with floor models). Heating element seemed to be in a great location. 








Water pan and chip tray









Sucks they don't have replacement parts because it does seem like a pretty good smoker for the money.


I am not even really in the market but just wanted to share this new smoker I saw. Make your own decisions!


Keep smoking!

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I saw this today at Lowes and was ready to buy as it looks to be good quality, has great features, and pretty darn inexpensive. 

Checked out the reviews on Lowes website and for the most part, not so good. 

It seems the electronics in the unit are complete junk. 


BTW, it looks just like this unit at Northern Tool but for $100 less

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I wanted to pick up a masterbuilt, but when I went to my local Lowes, they didnt have the masterbuilt but has this masterforge instead.  I just bought it yesterday, and this is my first smoker, so i dont have anything to compare it to or anything along those lines.  I like the design and layout... like that it has digital controls so that you can set it and forget it. I wish i hadnt read the reviews, as they have me concerned... i guess time will tell. So far so good, made baby back ribs last night... 5hrs and they came out great... will keep you guys posted.

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Not a bad smoker for the money,  just feel Iike I need to design better dripping pan for it, to at least cover the heating element and  smoking box, because my last try I had greese all over it. So  far,  that's the only flaw I found with it.

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Yeah i know what you mean there.


The other thing that i noticed, which i dont think is abnormal, is that when completely loaded it with 15lbs of chicken wings and ABT's the other day... i had set the temp to the highest setting, 275.... but at the hottest it only got up to 240.  Other than that... so far so good... i like it alot, but haven't used anything else to compare it to.


How does your do with the smoke... i find that i dont need to put to much wood chips in the box... and get a really nice smoke?

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I had the same problem....control panel dead after first 2 uses..Called Master Forge and they sent me a new panel....I now keep the top of smoker covered and havent had another problem...I think this unit is VERY sensitive to moisture/rain. Try keeping it covered when not in use, and never use when its raining and it has been fine for several months

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I diagree about zero support. I had a problem, called them up, American answerred and quickly sent me out the replacement part to fix the problem. I have had it since january and its VERY well made

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I just bought the display model of this smoker at Lowes and the user manual was missing. I can't find this model listed on Landmann's website to obtain the manual. I was wondering if you could scan your user manual and email it to me? I would really appreciate it.




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Hi The 800 watt element has to be a concern..I have the Master Forge Electric Veritcal Smoker and the element is 1600 watts.

So far NO problems getting the temps up. I checked out the 800 watt smoker today and it looks real good.Too bad the reviews are not so good.If I would waited before buying trhe vertical smoker. I would have bought something like this. With vetrical ones it is a major "PIA", with food on the lower grill..This one just open door and you have acess to all 4 grills.



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Its a great little smoker, we use 1 here at the club, only had it a few weeks and 1 of our dishwashers sprayed it down cleaning 1 night and it burned up the next day, so for future occuences, Do Not spray your smoker down with a hose Smh

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Originally Posted by DanBono View Post

Hi The 800 watt element has to be a concern..I have the Master Forge Electric Veritcal Smoker and the element is 1600 watts.


800 watts is more than enough BTUs / wattage to properly smoke and cook in that smoker.  I have an older MES 40 with 800w element and it does just fine.  I am guessing that the Master Forge is double walled with insulation sandwiched in between.  If so 800w will generate way more BTUs than needed to move the inside temp from 75º to 275º with a load of meat.  If there is a problem getting beyond 250º check the temps with a remote verified accurate thermometer.  If the remote is reporting low temps after one or two hours the there is a problem and a call to Master Forge is needed.  With no meat and checking temp it should take around 30 minutes to get up to 275-300º, longer with a load of meat.

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I've used mine twice. So far so good. I haven't checked the temps with an external thermometer yet, I've just relied on the internal digital one. I'm going to check it this week though to be sure.


It is double walled and insulated and had no problems holding temps from 225 to 240.

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