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Pork Loin with three different rubs

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Bought two 9 plus center cut pork loins when they were on sale and froze them for a smoke at a later date. Well today here in Iowa the temperature is in the 50s, so I thought why not. I let them thaw in the refrigerator for a few days. Rubbed them a couple of different ways and let them sit in the refrigerator for 24hrs. The two of the far left are just salt and pepper. The middle two have S+P, garlic, onion, chipolte, ground fennel, ginger, ancho chile, cayenne, cumin, coriander, thyme, and rosemary. The far right have a Chinese style rub with all spice and 5 spice and other spices. Using pecan and cherry wood chunks. Going to take them to 140F IT, foil them and let them rest. Smoking temp goal is 265-270F. My plan is to vacuum seal everything and work on a method to reheat them for later consumption, anyone have any good advice on reheat methods??


After smoke pics to come.

thanks for looking




2012-01-30 11.03.29.jpg

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Looks like a great start. I would slice them up & vac pack in 1 or 2 portion sizes. Then reheat in boiling water or the microwave.

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I would just send those directly to me for reheating biggrin.gif

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Almost forgot to take a picture when I pulled them off the smoker, Internal temps were 138-140 F. Then wrapped in foil and rested 45min.

2012-01-30 13.20.37.jpg


Rested and ready to be sliced up.


2012-01-30 14.13.32.jpg


First one sliced and very juicy, I only sampled a few ends!

2012-01-30 14.17.49.jpg


All the pork and all sliced up!

2012-01-30 14.27.13.jpg


A little up close pic.

2012-01-30 14.27.26.jpg


Everything vacuum packed and off to the freezer. And now time for a few frostys.

2012-01-30 16.10.35.jpg

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Looks like they came out great - Like Al mentioned - reheat in hot water 

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Now thats a load of good looking and I know tasting pork loins you have there.

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