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Help on a UDS

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Got into this obsesive hoby last fall, got an MES 30 and did butts, turkeys, brisquets, etc.  Then converted an old ECB and played with it, but didn't like the lifting on and off the fire pot and percieved lack of control on temp.  I'm sure it's just a bad case of the wants in this new hobby, but now I'm thinking of buiding a UDS.  I've surfed here and other sites but just basically not found what I want in the way of instructions/plans/etc.  Can one of you point me to the tread you would rercomend for the most complete plans and hints?  Thanks, Steve

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Not to throw a bunch of links at you but these are the links that I have compiled while I was building my UDS and saved them for future reference.


If I am breaking any rules by posting these links to other sites please let me know or remove my post. Thanks.


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Missed Em, morning... Check out these builds.... Lots of good info...   Dave

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Thanks guys, had a couple of these but the additional ones fill in a lot of the blanks.

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