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Not a Build but a new fridge smoker to me.

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Well I get to go pick up my new to me/ old in age smoker.  A co worker of mine sold me a smoker her dad made a decades back.  It is a little rough around the edges and I will have to do some work with new door seals, setting up racking, and creating a smoke stack/ vent system.  I will be getting it this coming sat.


Also found out that I am getting a older sausage stuffer and anything else they find that has to do with smoking.  Got the smoker misc pieces and the tank for a hundred plus what it costs for fuel.


Smoker is 66T 46W and 30D so pretty good sized gonna be able to fit pretty much anything I need with easy for the time anyways.


Im planning on doing a smoke stack on the side and some vents lower for improved air flow.  Normal stop pipe with a cap for rain will work for a stack correct?  Also for door seals use a oven type or what do you guys suggest?  As you can see it will take quite a bit as there are two doors.  I will have to see how the burner work I may just pick one up from Northern Tool for a backup.  As far as racking goes there is a local restaurant store that I think I will be able to find some grates at. He used hooks for everything so those will be included already so if I can switch to either that will be nice.


Any comments or ideas are welcome.  Thanks once again guys and gals.





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Nice! It looks like it has a lot of potential.

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Looks like a ready to go cold smoker. Good luck with it. Don;t forget the q-view!




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Looks like you have your work cut out for you.


Should be a great project!

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Question for you guys if I sand/steel brush the outside and then spray paint with a high temp paint would that cause any issue with cooking?  What about the inside? Granted all this is me thinking about what I will need to do as I have not seen it in person yet.   

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Painting the outside should be no problem, but I would not paint the inside. Perhaps a light sanding to remove some of the rust, though.

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That looks almost exactly like an old Kelvinator I used to have. The trim gives it away.

It was all wood framing/cardboard insulation and smoldered for hours after the first (and last) time I used it.

Might want to check it out.


Just an FYI.

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That could be made into a great smoker...great find...

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