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 Sounds like ya gut a pretty good position down there. I was the Steward on the job site when the boys were up here. Bashire Beckey I think is his name. There was another guy Drew that was staying at the house with them back in 2000-2001. Like I said everyone one of the guys were VERY respectful to all our rules and regulations as a union and towards our members. I was very impressed with the boys from Louisianna! I was keeping in touch but haven't talked to any of them since around 2004. The guy Tim still talks to a buddy of mine, I think.

 I was very involved with the Union back then but have stepped away from the involvment about 8 years ago. My group of friends have stepped away from politics of the Union, and I personaly don't care for our leadership.

About 10 years ago I was lucky enough to getting appointed to a permenent position at the transportation department by the buiseness Manager at the time. Its the best job you could have in Local 17. Its permanent, Paid vacation(4 weeks),paid sick days and paid hollidays. We have 40 guys over there out of 12,000 members.

The work is pretty good. I'm working out of a specialty shop, that gets into some pretty interesting work. I do alot of the welding,mostly mig but quite a bit of tig also.

I have two kids, my daughter who is 5 next week is my WORLD. And my son who is 2 and a half is a trip.

 I'm smoking a couple of Butts today for the game tomorrow! Rubbed em last night with my daughter and put em in around 9am. Took som pictures and will post them if I figure out how to download them. Not to good with computer stuff.

Any way Its been GREAT meeting you on here lets keep in touch., And since it can't be Saints this year which I can't believe LETS GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to the party!

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