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Great job so far! Glad to see you back at it!  Looks-Great.gif

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Nice looking Butts and you got that Jeramiah Johnson look down Pilgram!...JJ

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I have a cot and my music and water, yeah getting a little ragged , need sustenence , blood sugar droped.  I haven't been eating much with this Stone Ordeal . I've lost about 50# in 3 months.


See you later...

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Too bad the wind isn't out of the east, or I bet it would smell good over here in Luckey!  Those butts look great!  And it looks like you are smoking happy icon_biggrin.gif

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Well, my meat was done and sent to the Party, however I was down  with a chill , the rocks started moving and I now have a UTI .I'll get some shots of the Bikers enjoying it from the DIL , and Facebook .


See ya ,I'm getting on my C-PAP machine and get my lungs emptied of the smoke ; hack-hack...


Had an emense time and will do it again when asked , however nextime with a mask to filter the smoke , I love the smell ,but COPD doesn't like it...icon_mad.gif


See ya in a while Stan   aka   oldschool  ;}- 

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