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Temp Spike

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I was smoking my first rack of baby backs in my new MasterBuilt XL propane smoker last week using the 2-2-1 method. I had gotten the temp adjusted to 244-248 according to my Maverick digital. I wrapped the ribs in foil and put them back in the smoker, did not touch the temp dial and within 20-30 minutes the temp jumped to 350 or so. I know that the foil will reflect the heat but the riibs were on the second from the top rack the temp probe was on the top rack. I had a Brinkman electric before so the propane is new to me. I am doing 2 chickens today, no foil, wrap so hoping that the temps stay level. Was that spike in temp normal? I know it was not due to fuel flow, open valves slow, just looking for some input, maybe next rack will not foil and see what happens.

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I've had similar experiences with my Smoke Vault. If you open the door or add wood you have to keep an eye on the temp for a few minutes and you may have to adjust the flame a little to keep it steady.

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